Quick help for tomorrow please

Well today was crazy busy at HS but thankfully with the help of TP we made it work. Only thing we could not get in was Great Movie Ride. And we tried all day for short visit with Moana but 30 minutes seemed standard so we did it at end of night and of course she went on dinner break. But we saw her.

So tomorrow is AK day…we have FP for Dino at 950; EE at 1050 and the 10pm ROL show…

Here’s what we hope to accomplish…Safari, EE, Dino, Prim Whirl, Gorilla trail, Mah Trail, Characters, Rapids, FOLK, TOL awakenings, ROL…

plan is to arrive at 30 min prior to opening.

When I plug it in it has us do character meet and greet then Kil Safari

what I thought I’d do…

Characters if short
Dinosaur FP
Prim Whirl
Mah Jungle
FOLK 1pm
Divine, explore, etc.
return around 8 for TOL awakenings and ROL fp @ 920

Also it does not want to use my ROL FP no matter what I do…seems to want me to sit around for 45 minutes for the first show…doesn’t make sense?

The standby lines for the 8:30 Rivers of Light show were ridiculously long at 7 pm last Thursday night; it was hard to tell as we left who was in line for the 10 pm show as things intermixed with people leaving the amphitheater.

For what it’s worth, my son got two FastPasses for Everest as we waited for Rivers of Light; we had a dining package, so we could keep adding FastPasses while we waited.

If you plan to come back a little early the lines seem to be shorter at night. I think the plan is sending you to the character meet before the line builds. That is a much lowe/slower capacity than safari.

TP major fail on this. We waited 20 min character and now huge line safari. Wdw says 65 min. Tp said 20 changed to 32 after in line. Other line app said 25. Meanwhile no lines for Dino and EE according to posted times.

Sorry for having that happen - I meant to respond to you earlier that I would NOT go to Safari without a FPP unless you were going first thing. We walked past the standby line last week when we had a FPP and the people looked miserable. I would have recommended switching the Dino FPP to KS, but assuming KS was unavailable, to try to use the “modify” trick while you’re in the park. You can still do that now - take a FPP you don’t mind changing, click “modify” and look to see if KS is available. If it isn’t, just keep repeating throughout the day, often things come open. Good Luck!

All TP times have been way off this morning at ASK just heads up for others…

I’m curious to see if they post they were only 3 minutes 5 minutes etc. off because they were 30+ minutes off and I would argue this was way more than the predicted crowd level of 6…even the trails were packed… it was awful. i am so disappointed.

we left after doing trails and came back around 730. so cool at night by the way. it was less crowded. which was nice. We never got to do rapids [didn’t want to at this point] but rode EE 3 x in row using single rider line [between 830pm and 9pm] and hit primeval whirl. watched the tree of life awakenings [cool] a little after 8pm. We got in line for our ROL FP around 925 [didn’t realize they didn’t open doors right away]. Great seats. I think all seats would be fine so if you had a ride or two to hit you could show up towards end of FP window. Show was neat but not a ‘must do’; probably a ‘once do’. Glad I didn’t listen to TP and do the earlier show that was crazy packed.

overall we did most of what we wanted to do. I just wanted to post my experience based on using their plan vs what my gut told me… and also to report that the wait times were off most of the day. [they were overly optimistic on TP vs reality].

Can’t win them all …

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It sounds like you had a good night! Thanks for the report!

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Sounds like your day worked out well in the end.

We had to use FP for ROL as we’d already booked all our dining when the ROL got announced. So we went to the early ROL with or FP (rode EE single rider 3 times too! whilst standby queue was getting longer and longer and we could walk straight off EE to our FP entrance) then after the early ROL we walked with purpose straight over to the safari and walked straight on for one of the last trucks of the evening.