Quick Genie+ clarification for a first-time user

Former DAS user turned Genie+ first-timer and I have a couple of questions/clarifications.

  1. I know that I can only get a Genie+ reservation for a particular ride once per day. If I get a multi-experience pass, could I use that to re-ride something?

  2. Does anyone recommend Standby Skipper for a first-timer? Is it necessary? Thoughts?


Yes. You can use the MEP for any attraction it is eligible for, including re-riding something you have already used an LL for.

Also note if you get the MEP for, say Space Mountain (due to a breakdown), you could get another LL for Space Mountain and then use the MEP there – usually. But sometimes using the MEP on the same attraction that you got it from causes a glitch – possibly if you already tapped in with the original LL, or just because MDE feels like it. Still, no harm in trying if that’s what you want to do.

Not necessary, but totally up to you if you feel comfortable using the service.


As a former DAS user diving into Genie+, here’s the deal: with Genie+, you can only snag one reservation per ride per day, but with a multi-experience pass, you can reuse it for the same ride. As for Standby Skipper, it really depends on how packed the park is and your patience level. Sometimes it’s worth it for the big attractions, but if crowds are light, you might breeze through without it.