Quick FastPass question

Can I split up the family to get multiple tier one fast passes at Hollywood studios. Ex. Dad and Son FastPass slinky dog while mom and too short daughter go on midway mania?

Also can I do something at magic kingdom like Dad and son on 7 dwarfs while mom and daughter to to enchanted tales with Bell then book the whole family on Pirates and the haunted mansion? Would that count as 3 fast passes?

You can split without problems and it doesn’t count extra. Each person is individually entitled to 3 FP’s as long as each individual follows the tiering rules. It doesn’t even have to be concurrent. Dad and son can FP SDD and mom and daughter can get whatever else whenever else in the day.


You should also investigate rider swap for your family so taller child can ride twice once with each parent. Parents can take turns waiting or doing other attractions with the too short little.

I looked into that and with the way I booked our fast passes with my 2 year old daughter and wife meeting princesses and me and my 5 year old son on the roller coasters it doesn’t really work out.
Luckily my wife gets sick on roller coasters and I have no interest in getting my picture taken or meeting with a bunch of college girls 15 years younger than me dressed as princesses; so it works out.

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Litterally LOL that was awesome :rofl::rofl::rofl: