Quick EZ Questions - Just curious

As some of you know, I’m looking ahead at my first DLR trip and just noticing the differences in DLR/DCA vs. WDW

The biggest thing I’ve seen is closing times. Is DLR usually open past 10pm? From what I’m seeing it’s pretty common for DLR to be open to 11pm or even 12am. I’m so used to WDW basically shutting down after 9pm. This is a big difference for me.

Also, I’m not seeing a daily parade? Am I missing it? I know the Main St. EP is going through the end of Sept., but does DLR/DCA do scheduled daytime parades?


The DCA side will usually close first by 10pm at the latest but Disneyland in peak season is often 11pm-12am and if you can hang for the late hours it’s an awesome time to be in the parks.

The most recent daytime parade Soundsational was ended just after MSEP was announced to return (which was odd as in the past they’ve been able to store & run both a nighttime and daytime parade in DL in the past). The rumor is that at D23 a new daytime DL parade will be announced. But if that isn’t true, Soundsational is a great, popular parade so easily feasible that it will return following this MSEP run.