Quick DME Question - The last ride!

So i want to do one more ride on DME with the family before it’s gone. Problem is we arrive to MCO late the night of 12/16 and our reservation on property starts on 12/17. Thinking of just crashing at the airport Hyatt on 12/16 to keep things simple and then taking DME to WDW property the next morning. Does this work? Will DME transfer the day AFTER you arrive? I figure this isn’t an issue, but just wondering if there are any hidden pitfalls I don’t see here.

That’s fine. It’s one ride in each direction. Going to WDW must be on or after your check-in date, ride back must be on or before your check-out date.

If you book direct it’s no problem, just tell them what time you want picked up. If you book via WDW maybe find a flight that gets in around that time and give them that flight info, because the CMs can get a bit huffy and want a flight number to put in the system.