Quick dinner at Epcot

Suggestions welcome! We only have a few hours at Epcot - plan to visit Norway and FW rides. Probably won’t spend much time in WS so I don’t think snacking through F&G booths will work for dinner. Will have dining plan and would like to find something quick that’s a good use of dining credits. Any ideas?

sunshine seasons with QS credits

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I love Sunshine Seasons too.
Mexico is good too. I’ve always enjoyed the food at their quick service.

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One more vote for sunshine seasons!

We get mocked for it, but we enjoyed the QS Chinese place in China. Lotus Blossom I think. But others despise it. My wife and I plan to go back there, though.

Where is the “thumbs down button”?


I am the person who does not like Sunshine Seasons as it feels like a nice cafeteria to me. Nothing Disney about it to me. Would not choose that over a quick service in WS but not China’s QS. Sorry, @ryan1.

It isn’t a terrible choice and we actually have ended up there a few times, although I’m not sure how that happens. The same thing happens to us in Magic Kingdom with Cosmic Rays. I never have any intention of going there, but then we find ourselves mobile ordering the burger and fries every time. =)

We’re with you. We honestly didn’t really like the food we got at Sunshine Seasons. We enjoyed the QS in Morocco, though. I’d go there or to the Patisserie / Boulangerie in France. The latter has the advantage of having lots of yummy things for which you can use snack credits.

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My #1 QS is Les Halles in France but the OP indicated that they will only be going to Norway (past Mexico) and Future World. So, I limited my suggestions to those areas.

If time permits though here is my list starting with favorite:

I haven’t tried the take out window in Italy so can’t speak to that.
I’d avoid:
China (come on @ryan1 !)
Norway (menu is too limited)
Germany (again too limited).
I also wouldn’t bother with the Refreshment Port near Canada.

But if this was the path you’d take, there would be tons on offer from the F&G booths so seems a moot point.

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skip f & g booth in China as well probably. It is close to Norway. There is also a F & G booth on the side where WS connects with the path to FW on the way to Butterfly Tent. There is a children’s playground that has beautiful landscaping and should not be missed even to walk by it. I would not skip all of that & you can quickly eat there too.

See. Told you I’d get mocked. But my wife and I really liked it. Enough that we already knew we planned to make that a definite stop for our December 2020 trip. We’d probably go in our May 2020 trip, but Chinese food tends to be quite dangerous when it comes to food allergies, so we wouldn’t want our kids to eat from there.

Lots of food, relatively inexpensive, quick, and it was quite tasty, with a view of the water garden area while you’re eating.

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Would recommend Tangerine Cafe in Morocco for a QS meal. Easy to share platters to make them more of a snack


Yes. I would recommend if time allows to eat on the other side of WS so you can at least walk through and see sites on the way even if you can’t stop.

This is great! We’ll plan to take your advice and wander to the other side of WS for some food.

The menu at Les Halles looks good! Are the sandwiches/entrees considered QS meals or snacks? Any faves?

yep Tangerine cafe gets my vote

Honestly, I really liked my Electric Umbrella hamburger, and preferred it over whatever I got at Sunshine Seasons. Fish & Chips in the UK - not far from FW entrance.