Quick/Counter Service Food in the parks that's actually good?

We are new passholder and are planning our second trip this year in early May :blush: My question is- are there any quick service restaurants inside either park that are actually good? We ate at Fast Food Boulevard last trip and it was…gross. The burgers we’re yuck AND more $$ than the Burger King Whopper Bar in City Walk! We tried another one (can’t remember which) in 2019 and were also disappointed. we just gave up and ate the rest of our meals in City Walk.

I know it’s theme park food, I know it’s all overpriced. But are there some hidden gems I’m missing? Or are we better off at City Walk?

Thunder Falls Terrace in IOA is good - ribs, chicken, wraps.

We’ve not eaten at either of them but the two Harry Potter area quick serves get good reviews.

May not be your thing but we like Green Eggs & Ham at Studios.


Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck
Central Park Crepes
Leaky Cauldron
Today Café
Classic Monsters Café is better than most QS restaurants

Croissant Moon Bakery
Three Broomsticks
Thunder Falls which was mentioned
Some people really like Louie’s Pizza
Wimpy’s has the best QS burgers in the parks

Bread Box Sandwiches is a great CityWalk option


We usually eat at least once at Louie’s for some decent CS Italian options.

The sandwiches were good at Blondie’s.

Burger Digs was fine as well.

We typically are looking for budget options moreso than the best, so the above three at least seemed able to bridge the two pretty well.

We love BreadBox! I feel like it’s a hidden gem.

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Good to hear about Bread Box! We’ve looked at it, but haven’t been sure it was worth it.

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Thanks! We definitely pay attention to budget, which was partly why the Krusty the Klown Burger was so disappointing. We knew we could get a better burger for less $ at the BK Whopper Bar! I’ll have to look into Louie’s and Blondie’s, thanks!

If you consider Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks “quick service” then I recommend both.
I was surprised how good. Better than some meals I had at WDW! Decent portions and typical prices.
(And don’t forget some butterbeer!)



Curious where those ratings come from.

For example, Captain America diner is rated above (barely) The Burger Digs…but I think The Burger Digs is orders of magnitude better than Captain America. Not great, mind you, but definitely decent for the price. Yet, it is ranked as “Do Not Visit”.

Blondie’s isn’t even listed, but again, for the price, thought the sandwiches were good. (Although, my son got the “Dagwood”, and it was far too much bread, so don’t recommend that particular sandwich.)

I have not heard good things about the Burger Digs and it shows:

Giving it a 3.1 seems fair enough. But ranking it LOWER than Captain America is insanity. While we have eaten at Captain America a few times, the food is merely there as inexpensive sustenance. The burgers don’t even really taste like burgers!


I tend to trust Google reviews :man_shrugging: :wink:

Actually, I don’t. Google reviews are very hit and miss in my experience.

Regardless, even if I did trust them before, this makes me lose all sense of trust. How Captain America Diner ranks above Burger Digs just boggles the mind. (Unless, of course, they completely changed their food in the past year or so.)

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Do you need a reservation at Leaky Cauldron and Three Broomsticks, or can you just walk in? Thank you!!!

They do not take reservations


Thank you!