Queues worth doing

What attractions have queues that are good ones to do? DH doesn’t do wild or wet rides. He can either wait for me elsewhere, or stay with me in the line then take the chicken exit. Also, any attractions where FPP or single rider lines skip the interesting queues? I want to know what I’m missing. Thanks!

Expedition Everest is a great queue. Kali is decent as you get real close, but the time of year we go it tends to be a walk on so I seldom spend much time in it. Tower of Terror is an awesome queue - you can just walk up and see the hotel w/o issues - you don’t really need to enter the TV intro room. While the basement is great theming, it’s not that interesting so that could be skipped if your husband doesn’t want to ride. Haunted Mansion is pretty good and offers an interactive one that’s slightly longer. 7DMT has some interesting interactive features. Big Thunder’s queue got revamped recently and is far more interesting. Pooh has some interesting interactive things for young kids - pretty indifferent for adults though.

The queue for EE is pretty amazing; probably the best in WDW. HM has some fun stuff in the “graveyard” part of the queue. Some would argue that the queue for LM is more interesting than the ride. KRR is pretty elaborate, but the ride is such a let-down I wouldn’t go just for the queue. ToT is very well themed. I’ve heard great things about the new PP queue, but I haven’t seen it in person yet.

But NONE of the queues are so great that I’d voluntarily wait 45-60 min to experience them vice waiting 10 min with a FPP…

Peter Pan is fantastic! Probably one of my favorite queues and since it’s indoors, it’s not a miserable place to wait!

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Note you will miss the queue if you FP+ Peter Pan. And given it’s a slow loader with a long wait, you may be really torn on the wait vs. the queue…I’d go FP+ on PP personally but YMMV…

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Best of both world’s is to rope drop PP


Damavs is correct- I would choose FP+ over waiting BUT if you’re a first time visitor, I might consider using my FP’s elsewhere and waiting it out in the queue for PP. Like Sam2071 said, if you can rope drop and get to PP first thing, that’s the best. To me, it’s the only queue that I would really consider an attraction in itself.

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We’re not first timers, but it’s been several years (Jan 2005) since our last multi-day stay, so a lot has changed. This trip is adults only. While DH is busy most days at a conference, I get to do the parks solo (yay!). We’ll have some time to be in the parks together. I will also have time to repeat attractions, so maybe PP is one to try both ways. I have FPP for it on a “together” time, but I can also keep an eye on standby line times on a second day at MK. Plus, there’s always YouTube videos to see what I miss this time. I appreciate everyone’s comments, they’re very useful.

I love the queue at Tower of Terror. Just ask for the chicken exit if you don’t want to ride. I get in line every time with my kids and then wait for them to ride. I am meeting Anna and Elsa this trip just to see the Summerhus.

Don’t know about now, but Soarin’ used to have a cool interactive queue.

Also, Test Track, has the build portion of the queue, which a lot of people like.

Isn’t there some sort of queue games in Space Mountain, too? We usually go just after RD, so don’t have to stand in line.

I would add that I don’t think any YouTube video can give the PP queue justice. I really think you need to see it and do it in the flesh to appreciate it.

If you had to choose between rope dropping Peter Pan or Seven Dwarves (and Fast Pass the other) which one has the better queue?

Peter Pan