Queueing for Mexico

There was a line clear into Norway for people queuing to get into the Mexico Pavillion at Epcot today. So there may only have been five to ten minutes to get on the Gran Fiesta Tour, but that’s not counting the substantial wait to get into the building ahead of time.


Yes but just because people are in the queue it doesn’t mean they are riding Grand Fiesta Tour? Most shopping areas/stores have a queue?


So are they limiting capacity inside buildings, or why was this? I haven’t been following that closely, I only know about distancing matters and overall park capacity.

Curious if this shows elsewhere?

Hmm. If you have a dining reservation at San Angel Inn, so you have to wait in the queue? That could be problematic.

If you had an ADR you could approach a CM at the front of the line.

@cruisecrasher, was this line during the day? Or was it before 11am once they let people into the park?

But yes, I think they would have to limit people going into the pavilion if it was too crowded around the shops etc to maintain social distancing. I imagine the same is true of any of the stores.

This was shortly before 2PM.
This is the first time in either our week at the parks last month or our four days in the parks this week that Epcot felt uncomfortably crowded.
With quite a few of the little shops, quick serves and kiosks still closed Epcot seemed far busier than the ride wait times alone reflected. I wish there was a way to capture that side of things.

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I have heard of queueing to get into the World of Disney, the Emporium, and the Land in addition to Mexico.