Queue for ADRs today - what's going on?!?!

Got a resfinder notice that Riverbelle Terrace is available, been waiting on that for a while. But on the ADR page I get this…

Was something announced? did they dump a bunch of new ADRs? Never seen this before for ADRs, so just really confused.

They released F! dining packages

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I hope you got the reservation you wanted.

The only one I’ve really been craving is Oga’s. I’ve never seen availability, even at 60 days first thing in the morning. But today I got a F! VIP for Hungry Bear (“on-the-go” dining package), which fits really well into our plans. With the three littles, I don’t think we would try for F! unless we had VIP seating area. So now the plan is MSEP night 1 (still hoping to grab a Plaza Inn VIP package for that too), F! on night 2, then fireworks on night 3. Hopefully we get to see at least one. My main concern is the timezone difference. Unless we can adjust by the time we’re at DL (days 5-8 of our trip), those night time shows will feel like 11pm for us.

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You might adjust by then. Eek them forward a little bit each night.

OTOH it’s super nice to be so easily up and out for RD!

My kids wake up at 6am every day without fail so that won’t be an issue. Even if they stay up late. But that usually results in afternoon tantrums that get progressively worse into the evening. Hopefully they will take short naps while we’re there (I have 3 hour breaks planned each day). I’m trying to keep a flexible mindset for this trip, but you know how I am…

Yes we are a very ambitious bunch

Man very bummed I missed these; dropped without warning. All gone for our trip week of 5/28-6/3! Oh well ya win some you lose s

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I’m sorry you missed this! And hope more times will open up! :blush: We’ve done this F! package twice before. Once BB and once RBT and imho feel it wasn’t really needed. Even though we did BB again but that was 100% for the swag. ( F! seat cushions :rofl::heart:) The food at both places were good, as were the reserved areas but I could usually find a better spot where it wasnt so crowded. I’m going to see how it goes as the MSEP reserved area was very nice and roomy. :blush:


Thanks! It’s all good; we got WoC dessert party and MSEP dining package, so can’t really complain! Just going to have to see F! the old fashioned way I suppose!

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I believe they only dropped River Belle & Hungry Bear packages today. Blue Bayou still hasn’t been dropped. Blue Bayou is by far my favorite of the 3 dining packages, (but also $$$$). It’s my favorite because the food is great, the ambiance of Blue Bayou is worth that premium price (to me) and then you get to be the front & center view of the F! dining sections.

There isn’t a bad package though as River Belle has decent options food, they had the best dessert (haven’t checked if they kept it or not) & while the ambiance isn’t near as immersive as Blue Bayou, it’s certainly not bad either, especially outside with a view of Rivers of America. And Hungry Bear is great for its ease to schedule, the great value that it is for what you get (read: it’s cheap, but you still get a premium view) & the food is decent too. And either of these dining packages are still front and on either side of the Blue Bayou’s most excellent & prime placement.

For River Belle, I wouldn’t again pay for the upcharge dedicated table (where you eat just before the show and watch the show as you eat/finish dessert), as I really love the view when watching right on the edge of the Rivers of America; River Belle’s terrace is just a tad farther than that (and if you don’t get a table along the rail (or make friends with the people at the rail tables and they invite you to join at their space of rail), is even further back. But River Belle does have an option (the non-upcharge) that puts you in a section along the Rivers of America so if the food sounds good & it’s what’s available, and in your price range, it’s a good option.


I would keep checking. I was reading the DIS boards earlier, with a thread on this, and I saw multiple people making more than one reservation
Some were waiting to see reviews before committing to one or the other. So there will be reservations dropped soon, one the show starts happening.

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I just set up an alert with MouseWatcher because I do not want this to happen to me if/when Blue Bayou opens reservations back up.

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