Queue Accessibility Clarification

Hello everyone… I read up on ECV rentals months ago for our upcoming trip, as I am renting one due to a foot injury/illness that has been plaguing me. I was originally planning on only using the ECV to get around the parks, then walking through lines. There would have been no issues with doing that.

However, we are now 11 days out from our trip, and this weekend I inadvertently re-injured my foot, and I am really starting to worry about my mobility and how I will feel. The airport walks alone (I will not have an ECV for that) at this point will be a lot for me to handle that first day.

I’ve downloaded the disabilities guides for each park to brush up on which rides require you to transfer from an ECV to either a regular wheelchair or to walk. But I still have a question about the lines/queues. That is what I am now most concerned about.

When the guide says that you must “transfer to a wheelchair”, is that just for the ride itself or is it also for the queue? Or is is only when it says “transfer to wheelchair, then to ride vehicle” that is when you have to be in a wheelchair for the queue?

I’m really hating the idea of being a burden to the people I’m traveling with, and I know I don’t have the strength to push myself in a standard wheelchair, so I’d like to be prepared for my own sake and for theirs which and how many rides will require them to push me through a queue and/or through the ride itself.

I really appreciate your help. After having gone through this struggle, I have so much respect and empathy for those who are disabled permanently now than I ever have before. It’s so much more painful emotionally than it is physically.


So sorry for your foot - that stinks especially for your trip. I think (from what I remember seeing) that you will just have to address this one ride at a time. Some of the rides you will be able to have your ECV up until you get on the ride, others you may need to leave it further back. You will in some instances go through a separate line, others you may not. I think you will just need to ask at each ride as each ride would handle things a bit separately - but I would count on the fact that there will be instances where you may have to be out of your ECV for a bit. Sorry this isn’t the message you were probably wanting - but I think you will just need to be flexible at each ride. You MAY want to go to the visitor area in each park to get a better idea. Ask someone at Town Square in MK what the general procedures are. You MAY want to call one of the hotels to get more information and find out if it is more convenient to have a wheelchair as compared to ECV. Not knowing who is in your party - I do know - when my family has had to deal with similar items - the person is never a burden - it is just the situation they are in.

If I can find @missoverexcited’s trip report, she had lots of info in there about ECV use.

ETA: here is the trip report WDW/UOR trip August 2016 - a long report!

Thank you!

I will have to check it out, thank you!

It really is long though, and I didn’t mention every ride. You definitely have to get in a wheelchair for RnRC, TOT, Space, ST, PotC. Could stay in ECV for Splash, TSMM, 7DMT. Stayed in for most of the queue for Kali, can’t remember for the safari. DH didn’t ride anything at EP. He’s not a big ride person. I did all of FL solo so I don’t know about that.

Thanks for the reply! We are actually also staying at POFQ. Did you find it easy getting the scooter to and having it in the room? It looked like you were on an upper floor too. Did that work out ok?

One other thing… it looked like you all went straight from the lion king show to the nemo show at AK (or vice versa) We have that in our plans too. Did you find with the ECV that you were able to make it over to the other side of the park and get seating in time? I’m a little nervous about that, but it was really the only way to make that day bearable!

First, phone your airline and request a wheelchair for the airport. It may cost something, but you’ll get to use the handicap line at TSA and more importantly, your foot will thank you.

At most rides, you’ll be asked if you can transfer. You’ll say yes, as I’m assuming you can use your foot a bit (or you wouldn’t be walking in the airport). They’ll put you either in a regular line and you’ll park your ECV at the ride transfer point or they’ll ask you to come back at a certain time if they can’t take your vehicle through the line. Some shows, you’ll be able to take your vehicle with you, if you want. The key is that you can transfer. That means you don’t have to wait for the special Jungle Cruise vehicle to take you, but you’ll still have to go in the handicap line for Toy Story. Disney has it down to a science. Some places will take longer to load, others will be shorter.

Oh, tip - for EPCOT Spaceship Earth, they’ll send you to the exit, which is in the building behind the queue. You just wait there for them to take you up to the ride. You will have to be able to transfer, but you leave your vehicle there. Also, you won’t need a FPP for it, as that line is short.

Thank you for the tips! I actually just got off the phone with Delta about 10 minutes ago to do that! So grateful, it’s free and they’ll have someone to push me so my family doesn’t have to. Perfect!

I can read and read the official guides and websites, but the real life experiences are so much more helpful :slight_smile:

It was really easy, the lift is big and there was plenty of space in the room, though it did block the table.

It was a rush trying to get to FotLK but we did make it - - bathroom break might have derailed us! Crowds were huge though so it was tough getting past them. There are only a certain amount of spots for ECV/wheelchairs and they told us we got the last one, but I saw others come in afterwards so not sure if that’s true. Otherwise we could have used it to the door and walked in.

Not to contradict Ariadne, but we used the ECV at TSMM in both the regular and FP line with no issues. There wasn’t a ‘handicap’ line.

Huh. We went last year, but because one line requires steps, we couldn’t use that. I should qualify, though, as my mom has a walker, not an ECV, so maybe that’s the difference. We were sent down a side line with a ramp where the special car for loading a wheelchair was. Maybe with the new track it’s all different?

I would guess that’s why, I remembered there being steps and was unsure all the way round if we were going to hit them and get stuck! But there weren’t any.

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Tsmm is different since May with the third track. It is accessible if you can transfer. None transfer guests still go up the old ramp. Stairs still for some guests.

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We didn’t even see another way - we did FP and standby and everyone was going the same way. We weren’t asked if DH could transfer. IDK.

I gave the hypothetical perfect world answer. Sometimes Disney is not running the third track. Ya just have to go with the flow.