Questions? Want to make this a fun trip for our 2 Grandchildren

I was reading that you are not allowed to bring your cell phone on the rides. Is this true? Can you have a purse or small back pack on the rides with you? We are bringing our 10 year old grandchildren and want to make this as easy as possible. Suggestions would be appreciated. We are staying at Cabana Bay and will be there for three full days.

3 rides - Velicicoaster, Incredible Hulk & Rip Ride Rockit - have metal detectors & the only thing allowed on those is your lanyard tucked into your shirt.

Additionally, several rides have a “No Loose Items” rule - Hagrids, Mummy & Men in Black quickly come to mind - so nothing other then a small 3 prong fanny pack is allowed on those.

Free lockers are available for all rides that restrict what you can have on you.


Full list of attractions where bags must be put in lockers (purses, shopping bags, backpacks, etc)

-Men in Black
-Forbidden Journey

This is in addition to the three attractions that don’t allow any items.


I’ll add, the free lockers are small. A sling bag or mini back pack fits in. But if you bring a full size back back into the parks, it may not fit and you will need to pay $2 for a bigger locker in order to experience one of those attractions listed. Lockers are easy to use, just scan your ticket and one will pop open.


Thank you If anybody has any other ideas please Im open for suggestions.

I’m not sure what exactly your question is.

Are the 10 year-olds thrill seekers? The 3 attractions that @doxiegirl1963 mentioned you can’t bring anything (phone, keys, wallet, change) on, are roller coasters.

If an adult in your party does not want to ride a coaster, they can hold all those items until the rest get off.

The 5 attractions that @josephmatt mentioned, items are allowed but they should be in a fanny pack, zippered cargo pants pockets, etc. It’s the bags that are not allowed on.

Adding: All the other attractions throughout the parks not mentioned, you can take bags on.


I know it may sound silly but our phones are pretty much in the backpack and I have yet to have them ask me to remove my Apple Watch-

Are they ideal no but can I get a text through to say hey meet up here at this time, absolutely!

I was told to remove my Apple Watch on the Hulk once.

I was never asked to remove my Android watch or medical bracelet on ANY ride. But they will NOT allow me to wear my insulin pump despite it being attached to my belt. So, I’ve had to leave my pump in a locker as well. (This is annoying, because it didn’t USED to be the case…I’ve actually worn my insulin pump on countless coasters, many more intense/extreme than those at UOR, including RRR! But after their policy changed a few years back, they pretty much will make NO exceptions.)

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When we went through metal detectors at Velocicoaster earlier this month, they kept saying “cover up your watch with your other hand, no need to take them off”