Questions Regarding Hard Ticket Purchase

I’m interested in purchasing what I think is technically a hard ticket event. The tickets have been announced to be going on sale on a date which is coming up quickly. If it matters I’m interested in the Villians After Hours.

Will the tickets appear on the Disney website for purchase at a minute after midnight, 6 am Florida time, or at some other time?
Will I be able to purchase all 9 tickets I need? Somewhere I think I saw only 6 may be purchased in one go.
Can I use a Disney gift card for all or part of the purchase on the website or over the phone? If I must purchase 6 in one batch and my spouse purchase 3 we have gift cards sufficient to make these purchases, but with the limit of $1k maximum per Disney gift card I would not be able to purchase 9 on one gift card.
Thanks for any insight you can provide.

I never heard of a limit on tickets unless you are buying discounted AP or DVC after hour tickets?

There should be a Disney page for the event. If they are selling them online there will be a link there. Sometimes they sell tickets only on the phone for events when they are first offered. I had to call on the first day when Animal Kingdom After Hours was offered.

You should transfer all gift cards to one card for payment. It should be allowed as payment (on one card) no matter how you book.

I did transfer the max to one card, but it is not enough money for 9 tickets. The gift card system will not allow more money to be transferred to the one card because it already has the maximum amount. Put another way, the maximum amount allowed on a single Disney gift card is less than the amount needed to buy all 9.

Bottom line it is not possible to have enough on one card for all nine. Not a problem if it is possible to purchase with a gift card as I have a helper. Each of us can purchase our part on a single card if that works on the website. I was wondering if by phone can all 9 be purchased at once using both cards?

Now that you’ve mentioned AP discounts I have a question regarding that as well. I have a five day park hopper and had planned to upgrade at the parks on arrival. Can I just get the discount applied to a gift card when I get to the park and upgrade to AP? A family member purchased my current five day park hopper for me at a discount as a gift hence why I didn’t get an AP to start with. I realize I’ll have to pay the difference for the AP pass.

Unanswered Questions Remaining:
1. At what time should I call or check the website for availability?

2. Can I purchase on the website using a Disney Gift Card?

3. Can I purchase via the phone using multiple Disney Gift Cards since the total is greater than the amount allowed on one card or will it need to be two separate phone calls?

4. Will I be able to obtain the AP discount when I upgrade to an AP pass?

I have read if you upgrade to or purchase an AP after you’ve made pre-paid dining reservations you get the refund when you attend the dining reservation, but I didn’t see anything about events.