Questions Regarding Cinderella's Royal Table

I have prepaid for a reservation for Cinderella’s Royal Table and now have grave concerns this may not be for us.

My daughters and I did Cinderella’s Royal Table some years back. At that time there was one breakfast per day in the castle and that was all. No lunch, dinner, or multiple reservation times for breakfast. At that time the Fairy Godmother held court in the waiting room downstairs, and groups went up one at a time to be presented and seated in the dining room via the elevators. Once everyone was seated and had their food and drinks, the princesses came out. We got to meet, greet, and take multiple photos with Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Aurora, Pocahontas, and also Alice, Mary Poppins, and a couple of other characters I don’t remember.

I did see they now have multiple meals and multiple reservation times. I got concerned about how they might manage everyone getting time with the characters using that setup and did some searching. From what I am reading you no longer meet princesses at this meal. Just the one in fact, which is Cinderella. From what I read they do a show with some mice and a fairy godmother and couldn’t even be bothered to have mice we know like GusGus but rather a couple of mice with random names no one has heard of.

Is this correct? I have to be honest and say I can’t understand anyone paying the most money of any Disney character dining for that. We gladly paid previously, but it was because we received something of value to us mainly being the ability to get photos and time with so many characters without having to wait on line in the heat. Is there some other Disney character meal where the grandchildren would get to meet many princesses?

I’m not sure where this information has come from but you definitely do meet all of the princesses while you are dining. You meet Cinderella in the hall when you arrive (similar to how you describe meeting the Fairy Godmother), but all of the princesses make their way around to visit everyone. There’s no show, no mice, no fairy Godmother though - that I’m aware of (and I had dinner there just last year).


We did this in December and met Cinderella downstairs, before going in to eat. You get a picture with her. Then we went upstairs to lunch and 4 princesses came around. Each are announced one at a time and make their way from table to table. There is no photo pass photographer but each princess spends a decent amount of time at the table, signing autographs and you can take pictures. We found it to be very enjoyable, not rushed and the princesses were great with their interactions. We saw Mulan, Aurora, Rapunzel and Snow White. There is no show with mice that we saw.


Thanks so much for the replies. I am so relieved! I had googled reviews and the first two I read were you just met Cinderella downstairs with photo op then there was a show with her Fairy Godmother plus mice singing in the dining area. Must be some other show somewhere else I guess? I wouldn’t mind singing mice and Fairy Godmothers as far as it goes, but I’m paying mainly for the interactions with the princesses. My daughters and the two friends they took with them have talked about that so many times over the years as one of the best things they did as kids.


One other thing about the princesses coming around, and this applies to any time you have a character meal. If you have not been visited by one of the princesses or characters, and have had others visit, just let a handler or someone know and they will make sure you get to been seen.

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I have definitely heard of that show, possibly if some of the princesses call in sick. We had Suzy Mouse instead of the step sisters at 1900PF and it was pretty disappointing so I understand your concerns!

A-ha! So it is an occasional emergency backup possible. I can understand they have to do something as a backup I guess.

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