Questions on MVT exclusive offers

I’ve read about the great deals MVT offers but have a few questions. Is it $200 deposit for their exclusive offers? Is it a 5-day cancellation policy (full refund) on both room only & room/dining/tickets bookings? If Disney has a price increase on dining and/or tickets and I haven’t yet paid for my MVT exclusive booking in full, will I have to pay the increased prices for tickets & dining? … I think that’s all for now! :upside_down_face:

In the past when I booked it has always been a $200 reservation. You used to have to pay it off 45 days before buy I think others are reporting 30 days now. You can cancel up to 5 days before. If you make changes it would impact your booking but if you do not make changes your price is locked in.

Thank you!

My deposit for our trip this fall was 1 night’s stay. It was like $101 for Pop.

Was that an exclusive ?

We bought tickets, dining plan and room at POR with their agency exclusive for this past May. We paid one night of the room cost as a deposit. We had to pay by 30 days in advance. Our costs never changed, even when Disney raised ticket prices.

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You bought a complete package and paid one night? Maybe different agents are booking it differently?

Yes it was. We booked a room only agency exclusive and paid for 1 night.

Yep. That’s what I paid. About $192 for POR for one night.

I had a room + package deal and I had to py one night (which was more than one night).

Thank you all! I need to narrow down my dates. :slightly_smiling_face:

I contacted them for a quote for some fall dates, and their new policy is one night deposit.

We decided to stay off property though, picked up a stellar package deal through JetBlue. It’s cheaper to book a flight + hotel for us VS just the flights, with no hotel! Plus we will have a timeshare type room situation with 2 bathrooms. (3 kids)

But we also don’t have to worry about FP+ or ADR. I’m in a unique situation.