Questions for week after Christmas

A few I’ve had a hard time finding answers to:

  1. Once they’re running the Christmas parade during the day, does it snoap? Or is that only during the parties?

  2. Does MK tend to reach capacity? Like, is an afternoon break a bad idea if I want to come back in before fireworks? Any chance of us getting turned away?

More to come, I’m sure. Add your own!

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Today is the last MVMCP date for this year. I think leftover snoap will come out at random during the day.

As long as you have a APR for MK, you’re good whenever for that day. Hopping in “may” get dicey, though that’s been rare, even over the last couple of Christmas weeks.


Ok , so no huge reason then to be on main Street for the parade?

If you’re looking specifically for snoap, maybe?