Questions about using tickets

We are going in May. I have 5, two day complimentary tickets from when we were in the parks during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. We are planning 7-8 park days. The complimentary tickets are not assigned to anyone in particular, so is seems the cheapest option is to buy an eight day ticket for the other members and have one person use all of the complimentary tickets. A few questions:

  1. How do I ensure that an entire complimentary ticket is used before the next one is scanned? Should I make a third “dummy” member and assign the extra tickets to that person until we need them? If I unassign the tickets, I can’t make advance reservations so that probably won’t work.
  2. Can Genie+ be added to these tickets types? I assume so, but is there a way to test it out before we actually go?

Thank you! I have emailed Disney but no response yet. Chat wasn’t available and I didn’t want to sit on hold but I will if I need to.

How did you get the complimentary tickets? I was there during Matthew too. Flights canceled and had to stay 4 extra days. Just curious.

They closed the parks one half day and one full day at the end of our trip. We ended up losing the one full park day. When I got home,someone told me they were offering compensation, so I emailed them and they gave everyone in our party a two day park hopper.
Edited to add: we drove and left the Saturday or Sunday after it came through. It was our planned departure day.

We were supposed to go to DHS the Friday parks were closed. Thursday was a rest day but we ended up at DHS instead for the shortened day. Ended up buying a one day ticket for AK on the Sunday after parks opened up again. We had military tickets and had used all the days.

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I can’t answer the Genie+ question, but I would probably use the dummy profile technique you mention and just change the ticket assignments to the active profile as you need them.

No need to deal with GS and pretty easy to reassign tix.

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