Questions about plans - EPCOT and MK

For EPCOT, the early hours are 8:30 for resorts.
It won’t let me add Figment or Living with the Land until 9:00 (basically it’s making me wait until 9 to ride them).
Do those rides really not open until 9?
What’s open in EPCOT at 8:30 then? And why are they bothering with an early opening for resort guests if all rides aren’t open?
I like to hit the Land first.

For MK, when I was making my Touring Plan it was giving me really bizarre times for getting lightning lanes so I deleted them. Now they’re gone forever. I like my plan and I want to Evaluate and it’s not letting me choose which rides I plan to get the LL for.
Do I need to make the plan again, Optimize, then move everything back to where I want it, then evaluate?

Living with the land opened today at 9

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Figment too

So yes, they don’t open for EE.

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For EE at Epcot, I highly recommend either (a) trying to get be at the front of the line to RD one of the 3 tough LL rides (Remy, FEA or TT), or (b) ride Soarin’ (which usually has the shortest wait of the day during EE). We waited about 10 mins for Soarin’ during EE in May and October.

Figment and LwtL are such low demand rides that WDW probably decided it wasn’t worth staffing them for EE.

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Makes sense.

Unfortunately I’m heading there with friends and they’re not getting in until later so I need to wait to ride those rides.

Is the Boulangerie in France open at 8:30?

That is a 9am opening too

Why not ride one of them twice? Also, if you start later when your friends arrive you may not get to all 4 of those rides depending on lines and whether you have LL.

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