Questions about personalized touring plans

I’m new :slight_smile:

I’m working on touring plans for our time in Disney World. My question is - how accurate are they? Do they allow enough time? A lot of times I find that allow only a few minutes wait time. For example, at Hollywood Studios, it has us arriving at 12:04 for a 12:10 show. Is that actually enough if it’s not using FP? For the Frozen Sing a Long it has us arriving only 10 minutes before show time (using FP). I’m just wondering if we should be allowing more time, or if that’s actually fairly accurate (we’re traveling end of June, busy season, group of 6).

Also, will the wait times stay the same as our trip gets closer, or will they possible change depending on crowds?

They use previously reputed wait times. The accuracy is good but of course they can’t really tell the future. What did you set the walking speed to? They assume you will walk direct from one step to the next so you might allow a little extra time because your party will get distracted by things.

I think I used average speed, so I’ll try it again using a slower speed.

I have found them to be very accurate - that being said, they are just predictions and can be affected by many things, like ride closures and weather. To answer your final question, the CL predictions (and the subsequent wait times) may change the closer you get to your stay, especially if WDW adjusts the park hours.

The wait times are as accurate as any forecast can be. Factors like weather, ride breakdowns, or a stray animal blocking the Kilimanjaro Safari path can change things, but the personalized touring plans are as good as place to start as any.

Regarding your specific example, I’ve found that the plans aren’t great at offering a buffer to reserve parade viewings or to arrive at a show early enough to get a preferred seat. If you’re content to sit anywhere for a show, then you can probably following the touring plan’s advice. If you want to arrive early to sit up front, then your best bet may be to add a short break in the plan just before the show begins (to account for the time you want to arrive).