Questions about orlando airport

We are flying from Idaho in about 3 weeks to Orlando. I have a rental car paid for already. I have heard that the Orlando airport is massive, and has a tram inside it. What are the tips for this airport to step off of my plane, get my rental car, and drive to my hotel? (off site at Hyatt Buena Vista) thanks

The airport is good sized, but not overwhelming. The tram will take you from your terminal to the main part of the airport (ticketing, baggage claim, etc). Then you head down to baggage claim. The rental car floor is below the baggage claim floor. There is rather long stretch of rental car companies, but depending on who you renting from will depend on what you have to do next (ie counter, kiosk, straight to car). The cars themselves are across the road from the rental car counters so you won’t have to go far with your luggage (no shuttles, no trams for this part). From the time we land to making it to our hotel is usually 75-90 minutes unless we stop for some supplies for the room like bottled water and snacks.

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It’s really not that big. The airport website has a great “getting around” section which includes arrivals and departures:

I don’t think it’s massive, though there is a tram.Many airports are much larger and more confusing

The information link above will help you a lot. There is also an app for MCO that may be helpful to you in getting around. We normally use DME but in January when I was solo I did get a car and I used the app for getting around. Once you get to your car rental agency, they will guide you. And then you’re off! :slight_smile: It’s really pretty easy

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thanks everyone. where do you usually stop and get supplies/snacks after airport?

We typically stop at the Target that is on Sand Lake Rd–it is off of FL528 (which is a toll road). There are closer Targets to Disney, but we usually stop there and grab some Starbucks (since we usually arrive on a crazy early flight and the airport Starbucks are too busy).

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I didn’t stop, but there’s a Target right off the main road if you take ?529 (the route that is not I4)

There are plenty of places to stop to get groceries: Albertsons, Publix, Walmart, Target.

I found it super-easy to navigate. Very quick to get from plane to tram to main building to car rental and then out.


There are many airports in FL Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Sanford, Tampa, Key West, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. So with that said they don’t have to be that big as they do in other states.