Questions about online check-in and Pop kings

#1. Normally you can cancel a room-only reservation 5 or more days ahead and get a full refund of your deposit. If you start online resort check-in far in advance, say two weeks, does that affect your ability to cancel and get a refund?

#2. Pop Century has a relatively small number of king-bed rooms while the rest are the 2-queen rooms (regular bed and murphy). I’ve booked a standard room and need the 2 separate beds. Can I assume I’m getting a 2Q room if I don’t request a king? Is there any chance I’ll be assigned a king?

Thank you, you Disney know-it-alls!

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I’ve been randomly assigned a King bed as a solo traveler, but I wouldn’t think they would do that with 2 adults in the room.



King is bookable so you shouldn’t get one but if you do just stop at the desk and ask to be changed back
To what you paid for

  1. You can check in, and still cancel with no problem. A cancel will cancel everything. You can even get MBs at a discount, and then cancel the room and not pay that discount back.

  2. You shouldn’t. If you do, you can go back and ask, or put in a request for separate beds.


Interesting because it wasn’t a choice for me and I’m in Pop. I actually requested a King as that’s what DH and I sleep in at home and he’s 6’5" so it’s most comfortable for us.

These are the choices and none of 'em are specific to King:

but when you do online check in you can request:


When we got two connecting rooms (which we didn’t explicitly request), they gave us one room with a King connected to a room with two queens. I do wonder if that is the norm…King rooms are connecting rooms in order to make them kind of like a suite.