Questions about magic bands/ tickets/ linking etc

Completely new to Magic bands–I had a question about magic bands and how I know they are linked to my tickets and will work.
I linked my park tickets to the MDE app.
I also see my and my kids magic bands in my MDE. Do I have to link my park tickets to the magic bands? If so, how? Or are the bands linked to my tickets because both are already in the MDE?
And I have my husband’s park ticket linked to my MDE but his magic band is not in my MDE. Is that a problem? Do I have to add his magic band to my MDE so the whole family is in one place?
My husband does not have anyone’s magic bands but his own in his MDE. Is it needed to add the rest of our family’s bands to his account?
Sorry for all my confusion! Thank you for the help.

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Your magic band links to any/all information attached to you (and each person, in turn) in MDE. So as long as you’ve assigned the tickets, the magicbands will know that.

The magicbands do not have to be linked. They are already linked via your reservation (except if you purchase them like in a store or something).