Questions about linking in Family and Friends

I sent an invitation to connect to DD’s adult girlfriend (GF), using her name and DOB. She accepted my invitation, but I was notified that “Sally” (GF’s grandmother) accepted the invitation, and Sally now appears in my Family and Friends list. GF will be joining us for much of the time, and Sally for some of the time. I want to buy MNSSHP tix for GF, but not Sally. How can I get GF to show up on my list so I can easily add her to hotel, dining, etc.? Will I also be able to get LL’s for her if she gets Genie+ the morning of?

And a side question – Sally has a Florida AP. If she also has Memory Maker, will I be able to access it if she’s willing to let us use it?

Does DD’s adult girlfriend have her very own MDE (with her own email address) or is she a person under Sally’s account

ie my DD18 does not have her own one and I control her “account”. So I think if someone tried to friend her it would be me approving that.

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Maybe that’s it… So I have to get GF to create an account of her own?

Or GF could call Disney IT.