Questions About Fastasmic Dinner Package at Mama Melrose

Does the dinner at MM use 1 or 2 TS credits? Is it worth it in your opinion to book a dinner package for Fantasmic or just wing it and arrive really early?

Following because I have one booked for November.

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It is a 1 credit meal. If you are on the dining plan and eating at MM, might as well do the Fantasmic package if you plan on seeing the show. Won’t cost you anymore and you are guaranteed a seat without having to go too early.

The food at Mama Melrose is pretty much average Italian food…nothing beyond what you could find at home (maybe worse) but we do it every time because it’s worth it to get the reserved seating for Fantasmic. It’s our favorite show and the dinner package seats are absolutely fantastic. Depending on how busy the park is, the line for standby could start really early in the evening and then you also have to reserved Fast Pass + section that’s off limits as well. Hope you guys have a blast! If you haven’t seen Fantasmic before, the finale is the best Disney has to offer

Thanks for the great feedback! Fantasmic Dinner Package at MM it is :slight_smile:


Good to hear!

You also get an appetizer with the Fantasmic! package so if on the DDP it’s actually something for free as they still only charge 1 credit. I was very suspicious we’d get charged 2 credits the first time we did that as I couldn’t really conceive of DIS offering something for free :slight_smile:

Overall I’m a fan of Mama Melrose’s - a very pleasant dining experience…

An appetizer - woohoo! Now we’re REALLY sold :slight_smile:

I have done it and have the package booked for Nov. myself. The only disadvantage is seating times tend to be in afternoon and they give you a dessert sampler instead of picking off menu. Like others have said the package also include a appetizer (which is a bargain).

I have a ADR at 4:30 at MM. but I am trying to switch it to the fantastic package. So far no luck. Hoping something opens. We leave in 7 days.

Keep checking. Also keep refreshing for a fastpass for Fantasmic. I have heard there are often plenty available during the day if you refresh.

We enjoyed it and think worth 1 table credit, especially since you get appetizer, and dessert with Fantasmic Package!

Definitely worth 1 credit as it’s a free FP really and gives you extra time to play rather than queue. And we really enjoyed the MM experience and food.

Make sure to confirm the time you need to arrive! We were given incorrect information regarding the start time of the show, and the time we needed to show up by our waitress (later by 30 minutes!). The incorrect info was even written on the voucher. When we did get there, it was already getting packed because the standby line was already being admitted. Also, the gentleman manning the reserved section was obviously not usually doing crowd control (in a suit), and wouldn’t let us in the reserved seating at first (the handicapped seating area was roped off, and given that my dad was in a scooter, we were supposed to be seated there). Eventually, another cast member let us past the rope, and it was fine, but at first I was panicking that the package was going to be for naught!

So, be sure to confirm your arrival time via the time guide, not just what it says on the voucher. Learn from my mistake.