Questions about Disney MCO transfer to Port Canaveral

First time Disney cruiser here. I am booked on the Wish at the end of September and I add the Disney transfer from MCO onto my reservation. I am flying in the night before my cruise and staying at the MCO Hyatt. Here are my questions:

  1. How early can we get on the bus?
  2. Will Disney give me a time to get on bus?
  3. How much time should I plan for the whole transfer to take? (From leaving hotel room at MCO to arriving at the Port - need to plan adequately for food and snacks b/c I’m traveling with my sister who gets hangry without food)


They typically start loading the bus at 9/9:30 - or they used to anyway. The bus is in the area near where DME used to be.

You will likely be assigned a PAT, but on Disney transportation you don’t need to stress it as much.

It’s at least an hour from MCO to PC. Boarding usually doesn’t start until 11:30 or noon. I’d definitely eat breakfast and possibly have snacks with you if you have a later boarding group - or if there is a wreck or some other kind of delay on the road.

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Thanks! :pray::pray:

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You’re welcome! They will still assign you a Boarding Group and they do hold everyone to that. But Port Arrival Time doesn’t matter on DCL transportation.

Pre-COVID it seemed that the MCO busses got going first, but since restarting, the WDW to port busses have started rolling earlier.

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