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I have been to UOR in the past, but only for a day or two and quite a few years ago. My family (5 adults) is planning a week stay in October at Sapphire Falls with a 4-day park pass. I have lots of questions, but I’ll start with dining. So, what are some of your dining recommendations? Do you need reservations at table service restaurants? If so, how far in advance?
Thank you for any replies.


You don’t necessarily need them, but it is a good idea, depending on when you are going.

For example, we usually will eat at Antojitos. I made a reservation…but many folks who didn’t have a reservation had a very long wait.

Some of the Citywalk restaurants you can book using OpenTable.

Highly recommend Finnegan’s inside UOR. Antojitos in Citywalk if you like Mexican.

Welcome to the forum!

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If you like Italian, I highly recommend Mama Della’s Ristorante at Portofino Bay resort. It was a highlight meal of our Universal/WDW trip last year. At Citywalk, Antojitos was good.

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Welcome to the forum. Our family took our first UOR trip in 2022. We were a large group with allergies in the mix and had so many good counter service meals.

I don’t know Harry Potter from Harry Truman, but I highly recommend trying all three kinds of butter beer and joining the arguments about which is best. :wink:


You’re behind the times. There are SIX types now. :slight_smile: Hot, cold, frozen, fudge, ice-cream, and potted cream.

But your point still stands! :slight_smile:

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I think I will try Mama’s and The kitchen in September. I loved Bice in December.


The breakfast buffet at The Kitchen is amazing.


I must go back.

(For more hot BB)

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But I only have one day - how can I try them all?!?

Seriously though, I have had hot, cold & frozen in the past, but I am very curious about the potted cream. I honestly have no idea what it is!

Also - totally unrelated but I bought those eyeglass things you suggested. My only problem is that I couldn’t put them on because I couldn’t see without my eyeglasses LOL. I guess DH & I will have to put them on each others. :slight_smile:

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We had breakfast at Three Broom Sticks. It was a nice environment and a ton of food (I highly recommend splitting dishes). If you want to eat there I recommend doing it no later than 30 minutes after EE (9:30 for us). The lines get long. It was a nice break after the early park rush.

Under no circumstances should you eat at the Kabob House in the Lost Continent. Wait in line at Fire Eaters, or Thunder Falls Terrace.


I’ve never had it, either…but it kind of looks like pudding.

I’ve had the fudge. I don’t recommend. Just really bland.

Plan more days! :wink:

That’s kind of hilarious! :slight_smile:


Make sure you go to strongwater tavern at your hotel! It’s my favorite restaurant there!


Central Park Crepes
Leaky Cauldron (breakfast too)


Green Eggs and Ham (late breakfast option)
Croissant Moon Bakery (breakfast or lunch)
Three Broomsticks
Thunder Falls
Wimpy’s (burgers)


There are some new restaurants/menus in the parks, as Universal is improving their QS food. You may want to also look into Minion Cafe, Circus, Mel’s.

Note. You can now use the official app to book all TS reservations at CityWalk and the parks. But resort TS restaurants I believe you still need to reserve from the web.

It varies. Here’s a TP article that has advice on when to book the CityWalk restaurants. Universal Orlando Dining Walk-Up and Reservations Changes | Blog


Hey Tricia, here are some good resources for you:

Best of 2023 (top restaurants from user raitings)

Dining Ratings for UOR

Universal’s Dining Reservation Site

Reservations are easy to find the day of for most restaurants, I’d still suggest reviewing and booking a few days before your trip to offer peace of mind.

Add me to the list of people saying Strong Water Tavern is incredible - amazing cocktails and great small plates, I’m a personal fan of the goat curry (yes goat) and coconut rice.


Thanks for updating this blog @josephmatt

Curious what the notable changes/updates were?

Minimal updates - mostly removing COVID stuff, updated how to book, and clean up the walk up section.

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Thank you. This is helpful.