Questions about checking in and Upgrading to AP

We are on free dining package and arriving at different times the 1st day, then picking the kids up later that night. Does everyone have to be present at check-in or can just the primary adult check everyone in? Also for upgrading to AP, where can this be done and do the kids have to be present? Hoping we can get this all done before picking them up from the airport.

Only one person on the ressie needs to be there to check in, it doesn’t even have to be the primary person who made the ressie. My mom checked in for us and I was the one who made the ressie, but her name was on it too. As far as upgrading to AP I’m not sure about that, I know I had to show picture ID to do it but obviously kids don’t have to do that. You can upgrade at any Guest Services in the parks or at DTD. I upgraded last year from a free-dining ticket to AP at Epcot and it took about 10 min. to do so, but my CM was “earning her ears” so it may have taken longer than normal. Yay for AP’s!!

When I activated my AP the man in front of me was getting his family’s APs. He needed all the MBs.