Questions about Changing Hotel Reservation with Three Weeks to Go

Yes, this is very true. At this point, $50 won’t be the deciding factor.


Lol… I’m a chronic last-minute (relatively-speaking) trip planner, so layaway isn’t usually an option for me no matter what, but I do usually start buying Disney card at Target a little at a time with my Target card so I get the 5% off. I so wish Universal had gift cards so I could do that, even if I didn’t get a discount.


What?!? You can do this??

This doesn’t appear to be a thing anymore FYI

I cannot find Disney gift cards at any actual Target store nor online anymore

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Weird that you haven’t seen them in your local store recently. They are still available online. This is what I see when I search in the Target app:


Oh I haven’t looked in a month or so!

Good to see them back. They definitely were not available for our trip in April

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There are many ways to get discounted gift cards. 5-6% is easy, 7-11% is somewhat easy but time consuming (and hard to get high $$ amounts) and you have to sign up for Rakuten or another cash back app.


I’m on Rakuten. How does that work with Disney?

Rakuten is usually 1-2% for Disney, but sometimes it hops to 5% and on rare occasions it hits 10% (using a rewards card gets you additional %)

It says gift cards are excluded, but often it allows them. The times it doesnt, I figure I still get the card. So no loss.


Also check your bonus options on your credit cards. I find shop disney almost always has a 10% back option for up to $50. So every other month I am able to buy a $50 on two of my credit cards at 10% off (11% if you count my cards cash back).

Is this for D23 members?

No my chase and wells fargo cards consistently have this under “offer catagories”. You have to “select” it to make it work. It may say “excludes” gift cards but it has always worked for me. The offer is usuall good for up to $50 and they usually expire in 60 to 90 days. Once they expire, a new offer usually shows up. So that is 10% off $400 to $600 in a year.

That’s a good chunk of my DVC dues!


Great tip! I’ll keep a look out–I’m bad to ignore those offers.

I used to always ignore them but inflation has me thinking about where to save. Now I go in and check all the boxes I might possibly shop at nd sometimes get super suprised when cash back comes in! I am more strategic with Disney.

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Makes sense!

So I wonder if this works at places like CVS and Office Depot that often have higher % back and also sell gift cards.

You will also often find Best Buy will offer a $50 card for $45. There is generally a limit of one card but you can buy two right away (I do separate transactions). I have been able to wait a couple of days and repeat.

I pay my DVC dues with these cards.

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I just did it yesterday! I just do these, mostly But I did buy a $50 for the child to spend on souvenirs.

EDIT: I’ve found that Target will sometimes flag my card if I buy more than $500 in gift cards at once in person, but I can buy $1000 online with no problem.

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I have talked to the manager when I purchase a large gift card. “Excuse me miss, do you know who you are buying this card for? No one is forcing you to purchase this?”

I find they don’t accept “Mickey Mouse is making me do this” as an excuse .


:rofl: :rofl:

I’ve bought large quantities for giveaways at work, and learned to do it over multiple trips!