Questions about adding a guest to our dec 21-30 vacation

First/ I love my husband. He is sweet and very generous. (Now here is my rant) However he does not understand what I go through to plan a perfect vacation!!! Our vacation is in about 60+ days and he just invited his nephew to join us… so I think I need some advice/help. Here are the details: booked for 4 , 1 bedroom villa at BWI. dining plan, all ADRs booked including CRT& BOG for 12/28 :(. Illuminations & wishes dessert parties, Christmas day spa day and VIP tour. Is a 1bedroom large enough for 5? (2 adults, 2-15 yr olds and an 11yo.). will it be hard to add another and not lose free dining? I’m probably out of luck on finding a reservation at BoG for 5 at this late of date huh?Any other thoughts or advice would be great.

Just to make sure, this is a 1 bedroom villa at Boardwalk Villas (DVC), correct? If so, then you cannot add another person to your reservation, as the maximum room occupancy is four people.

Yikes, That’s what I was thinking. We are not DVC members, but we are staying in the Villas. We may need to see if we change change to a 2 bedroom, if there is one available at this late of a date. What a pain. At least I haven’t made fast passes yet. Maybe I wont’ be able to change anything and it will let me off the hook…

Let us know how it goes. Based on my recent experience with a fall R/O promotion, I was unable to book a new room with the promotion. My guess is that FD will be similar. The rooms that were available for that promotion may be sold out now.

Ok. So yes we would have to change to a 2 bedroom villa~not available for our dates. Our option would have been to change to Old Key West. According to TA we would have been able to keep free dining, however we wouldn’t be able to add our nephew to our package. I guess he would have gotten his own??? I stopped really listening after hearing we would have to change resorts. It just seem too complicated to add him +$830 in airfare alone. So we are going to see if he wants to join us in DLR in January. Much easier to change those plans. So, crises adverted & I get to keep my ADRs!! Thanks for your help.