Questionable Wait Times on Customized Plan

I created two plans. One for Disneyland and one for DCA. My dates are for the first week in October and in my experience the last time my family went in October the wait times were pretty long. However, this “customized” plan is giving me wait times of no more than 20 minutes for most, if not all of the rides. How is that possible??? Particularly when the crowd calendar has them on a 5/10?? Any tips? Am I doing something wrong when setting up my plans?

You didn’t do anything wrong. There is not as much data on the DLR parks as there are at WDW, so our plans tend not to be as accurate. I create mine and tweak them over and over again until they are perfect! Then once at the parks I all but scrap them :wink: Not really but I do use them more as a guide than a structured plan. I usually start by following them, then I let the fast passes take me where they will! If you don’t already know, Max pass is WONDERFUL if it is in your budget and you want to ride headliners.

I have definitely noticed a difference in the plans lately. I’m going in May for a one day trip (with my kid’s school) and there are lots of issues that don’t jive with the Disneyland app as I track it. Some FP are showing up as pull and it’s the same time that you are pulling (never true); Space and ST don’t have FP available on any plan I’ve made past 10am (I’ve been looking on the app the past week and a half, and they are always available until at least 2, even on weekends); the list goes on. I used to love to plan, but now it is just frustrating me. I’ve decided that I’m just going to use MaxPass, based on what I know from several trips the past few years, and see what I can do day of.

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