Question: What happens when a ride you have a FP for goes down?

A lot of rides at WDW went down unexpectedly last week. Wwhen you have a FP for a ride that is closed temporarily?

Senario: I have a FP for 10am on 7DMT. At 9:15 the ride went down, the CM’s have closed the ride and are turning people away because they don’t know how long it will be down. What are my options? Do I lose a FP? How do I reschedule the FP? What if I don’t want to ride Dumbo in it’s place, but that’s all that is available.

Anyone knows what actually happens?

If it’s still down when your FPP time arrives, you will get an “anytime” FPP for 7DMT or most other attractions.

It will magically appear in your MDE, you will get a notification, if you have that feature turned on.

Perfect thanks

An anytime FP does not count against your pre booked 3 so immediately book another FP especially if your anytime FP is for a tier 1 ride. You will be allowed to book another tier one . It is one of the few times you can hold two tier 1 FPs in the same MDE profile.

If it looks like the ride is down and you have a fast pass. Don’t even wait to see if it gets going soon. Just go and get an anytime fastpass return.

You don’t need to traipse all the way to the ride though, the anytime FP will appear in your MDE automatically.

Afaik, the only time you need to get a physical anytime FP is if you are already in the queue when the ride goes down.

I even got one one night whilst in AK; we had FPs to FEA for that evening, which I had forgotten about. So there wer are at Dinosaur, wondering whether to stand in line when DS’s phone pings and there we have 4 anytime FPs - FEA had gone down and our FP window had opened.

Perfect timing!