Question regarding MK Welcome show on Feb.4 Touring plan not showing right time?

On February 4 MK hours are 9a-9p and I have my touring plan set for 9a-9p but it is showing the welcome show at 7:50? and then having me wait 64 min for the first ride because of course it doesn’t start until 9. How do you set it up so it shows the correct times? or can you?


are there EMH morning hours scheduled that day? The welcome show is just once and if there are EMH, it would be at 7:50.

No EMH at MK the EMH on that day is Epcot from 8a-9a. I thought of that and checked but it wasn’t it. Not sure how to make it work.

that’s weird then.

@len @Lentesta @daybreaker any ideas?

Thanks @DarthDopey!

And here is the published link

keep in mind it hasn’t been tweaked or anything yet cause I couldn’t figure out why the strangeness in the morning.

@mom2bret - Thanks for the heads-up, and I apologize for the problem. If you send exactly this info to, we can take care of it. I’d do it, but I’m traveling until tomorrow. It’s a simple fix. Thanks!

@len Thank you for your response! I have sent the email.

Safe travels!

All fixed! Thanks!