Question regarding CRT reservation at 5:50 pm on a MNSSHP Day

I currently have a 5:50 pm dinner reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table on a day where MK closes at 6:00 pm due to MNSSHP. So clearly, we will technically be in the park past 6:00 pm while eating dinner.

Is this the kind of thing where I will be getting an email from WDW at some point before my trip saying that my dinner reservation has been cancelled due to MNSSHP that night? Or does WDW typically allow dinner reservations for non-party guests up to the 6:00 pm closing time on a MNSSHP night?

Last I looked 5:50 was the last ADR you could get on a party day? I think you are ok.

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4:30 pm and 5:50 pm were the only available times showing.

What date? When you go to the CRT booking page and change the date it tells you the regular dinner hours.

I’ve got BOG at 550 in a MNSSHP night. I’ve heard they might escort us to the front after dinner, but not sure. Hoping to maybe catch a bit of the Hocus pocus show in the hub at 745 on the way out.

I just helped a friend this morning for CP on a party night and times showed until 5:50 for me too