Question re: Request a Room feature

I was just using the feature to search for rooms based on proximity to transportation/lobby, quietness, etc. I came across a few rooms that I clicked on to see the view from the room. Nice feature.

I then saw a link to click to Request this Room. I thought I had previously read about sending requests for ranges, etc. - so I wanted to see more of what that feature was. I clicked the link figuring I’d be taken to a page to finalize/approve the Room Request, etc. However, I was taken back to my dashboard with a banner message stating the request would be sent.

Problem is - I was just trying to explore the feature so I could have a conversation with the wife and finalize which building/floor/room we’d like to request. I didn’t really want to finalize a room request yet (without her input). Could be in trouble now - who knows :slight_smile:

In any event, for the life of me, I can’t figure out where my room requests are stored. Is there a way to review/edit/delete a request before it’s auto-faxed later? How would you request a range? Thanks.

You’re talking about the room views on the TP website?

If so, you want to look at your dashboard. At the top, there’s a “Configure Fax” button. Click that. In the screen that opens, you can modify or delete the request.

Touring Plans will fax your request to Disney 5 days before you check-in day. You have until then to figure it out, if you want to use the room request feature.

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about - although (sadly) I’m not seeing any “Configure Fax” button at the top of my dashboard. I see links to the various parks, a link to my dashboard, a link to logout, a link to each WDW park, crowd calendar, touring plans, fastpass+ info, lines mobile app, tickets, forum and more (and I don’t see that option under “more”).

Then in my dashboard, I see (left column) my trips and a checklist, (middle column) my upcoming trip with an edit, delete and “request room” button - and each day listed below, and (right column) my profile, destinations, conversations and personalized touring plans I’ve created.

… by the way, my wife’s late father was a charter boat captain named “Ed” - and he went by “Captain Ed” - so when I received your reply, I had to do a double take. Funny.

Are you looking front phone? This is my dashboard from my iPad browser

No - I’m looking on my computer. However, your screen shot proved helpful. Where your “Configure Fax” button is, I have “Request Room” button. So … maybe my earlier button push didn’t register (which would be a good thing). Had I actually requested a room, I suppose the button changes to “Configure Fax.”


Yes, once it takes it changes!