Question re: Park to Resort Package Deliveries

I use this perk often. I have a split stay at CSR but I’m worried about packages I send back to resort from MNSSHP on Sunday 10/6, checking out of hotel morning of 10/9. What happens if I end up not being able to pick up the package? Meaning what if they don’t have it that morning & I have to leave. Will they contact me and allow me to ship it home?

The times that I have had things sent to my hotel they have been there the next day, so I have not had this particular issue. I don’t imagine it would be an issue given your 2+ day timeline - unless things have changed. Remember, you cannot ship any food items to your resort; you must carry them yourself (legal/liability issues). Another option is to buy something and ask the store to hold it for you, and then pick it up on your way out. I’ve done this on a number of occasions. It might mean a few extra steps, but if it eliminates worry/stress, it might be worth it to you.

Yes, I’m aware of the food. Depending on what souvenirs I actually end up buying I may choose to just ship home anyway, but if it’s just some simple items I can stash in my suitcase I’d rather not do that. I know when I’ve done packages in the past they’ve said allow 2 days. I don’t usually check until the end of my trip so I honestly have no idea how quick they come. I forgot about front of park deliveries. Not sure what happens if I didn’t make it there in time for that too.


When I was there last month, any items that I hadn’t retrieved from the gift shop by 7 pm on the night before I checked out were delivered to my room. I have always been told that the items would be available after noon the following day.