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I have been working on an AK plan for hours - ugh! I optimize and find a plan I love but then I optimize again and again and again and it changes every time (like I imagine it’s supposed to). However, when fully optimized it keeps putting all of the shows (Nemo, Flights, Lion King) stacked at the end of the day one after the other and I would rather have them spread out to get us off our feet periodically throughout the day.

My questions: do you HAVE to optimize until stable or can you stop optimizing when you see a plan that works for you? Will the plan be accurate if you don’t optimize until stable?

Thanks for your help :smile:

You can always move things around to your liking and “evaluate” compare to the optimized, and if it good enough for you, use it!

The plan is always “accurate” no matter how many times you Optimize it - it is giving you the best projection of the wait times for the attractions in the order that it lists. What it may not be is the “optimal” plan with the least amount of wait/walk time for the attractions you have chosen.

If you are happy with the results, in that it had attractions in an order that you like and the wait/walk times are reasonable to you, then stick with it and do not Optimize sny more times.

Can you not chose show times now and it will keep them in place. Click on time on lhs under the show I believe. Stop stressing about having the right plan and breath TP are only guides . In my experience a ride will break down or a kid will be sick or you will just need to stop and have a cool drink. It can be extremely stressful and not fun if you try to follow a TP to the exact minute and someone needs the bathroom or you see something you want to buy. Don’t get me wrong I love TP but think of them as a tool to help you maximise your park time and it’s not the end of the world if you go off plan. One of our most fun days was AK where dd7 wanted to ride Dino again and again. Plan was binned but because I had done a plan I knew which rides to avoid mid day and which to do before 11 and after 3.
Also don’t know when you are going but tp Optimisation is most accurate about 2 weeks out

I’ve got to agree with the previous - a good touring plan helps a lot, but I think it’s most important benefits are in helping you plan the feasibility of doing a certain amount within a specific time, and understanding the principles of why you’d want to do things a certain way.

In war, they say that no plan survives first contact with the enemy. A park touring plan will likely have similar issues, with the “enemy” being other guests, attraction issues, weather, and the like.


This is probably the most important benefit of planning - gaining an understanding of how things work so that you are better able to react to what actually happens on the day. Sometimes that plans go off without a hitch, but other times you need change up things on the fly.

I think that Ike said it best - “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

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