Question re: Mears

I’ve heard things regarding Mears transportation from WDW to Universal in a shuttle with pre-purchased vouchers, but everything I see on their site is about airport shuttles or taxi service. I’m planning on 11/7 and 11/8, so is this just a case of planning too far out? Does anyone have any recent experience with Mears?

I looked into Mears - but found a private car service was cheaper and better (from old experiences with Mears). I don’t think it is too far out to look - but you don’t have to book this far out - however I do think they have a pretty liberal cancellation policy - so if you do book and then change your mind - you can PROBABLY cancel without any penalty.

I would suggest Destination MCO instead. It is comparable in price - but the service is MUCH better. It is a black car or suv instead of a (in my experience) dirty van.