Question re Laundry Services

Does anyone know how much the laundry services cost at the Deluxe hotels (staying at YC if it matters)? Not the machines (don’t want to spend precious vacation time sitting by a washing machine), but the valet service. We’re only doing a quick trip and trying to just carry-on our luggage, and the ability to have something cleaned would make that more feasible. I know it will not be cheap, but if it’s going to be really outrageous, it might influence my decision.


Check out - they have a photo of the charge slip at the time of writing (Feb 2013).

As it is a short trip, I would focus on packing light rather than doing or sending out laundry. Check out for a great packing method and other packing tips.

Thanks, this is helpful. I’m not one to overpack in general, this is somewhat driven by the heat (we normally go in January). Even though it’s a short trip, if I’m going through a couple of outfits a day, it can add up.