Question re: Fourth Fastpass at in Park Kiosks

When you use your third Fastpass and go to the in park kiosk to make the fourth one, does everyone in your group need to be at the kiosk or can one person run to the kiosk and make the reservation for the group?

Just one person. They can select the names from the list in your party.

They don’t need the magic bands for everyone?

They will scan in their own band and be able to select the people from the group. They should all be listed as on MDE, of course, and be inside the park. But only 1 person will have to go get FPP.

Great. Thanks. It bring back memories of the old paper Fastpass system where I was running around the park with everyones’ admission card and getting Fastpasses

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FWIW, I’ve gotten lots of additional FPs in MK. Couldn’t get anything worth getting in EP even at maybe 10:30 am (had Soarin, couldn’t get Test Track).