Question re Disneyland Social Clubs

Only been to DLR a few times now, but I’ve noticed these groups that look like biker gangs that I understand are called “social clubs” in the parks. “Tough” image notwithstanding, however, the social club members I’ve interacted with have been very friendly, and sort of the opposite of the image they project – I was there last week, and a guy in one of these vests bellied up to the bar in the lounge at Carthay Circle and ordered a white wine, which is basically the least intimidating thing a dude can do (and I am a wine drinker myself, not judging :slight_smile: ).

Sooooo, is the biker image intended to be ironic? Were the first groups legitimately “hardcore” and those that followed have just borrowed the look? Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

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