Question on Travel Time

We are staying at BLT and have an 8:00 O Hana appointment. What time do we need to leave BLT? I planned on taking the monorail. Do you think 7:30 is too late?

Should be enough time, sometimes security for monorail has taken longer than expected for me.

In theory it should be plenty of time. Even if you were stuck at TTC you could get off and walk. I would give myself 45 minutes just to be safe. Everything always takes longer than you think in Disney.

Depends what you mean by “leaving”. Leaving where at 7:30?

If you mean leaving your room, then no, it won’t be enough time. If you mean joining the monorail security queue by 7:30, then you might be OK but if a lot of people were trying to get the monorail for MK (and many do, even though it is a lot quicker to walk) or Epcot, then you might not be on a monorail until nearly 8am.

I would aim to check in at Ohara at 7:50, therefore be on a monorail at 7:40. Give yourself 45 minutes to be safe, as @PrincipalTinker said.

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Thank you!