Question on status of Disney Quest closure

I just read on another site that the NBA resteraunt is not actually going to happen, and that Disney Quest will not be closed this year after all. Has anyone heard anything of this nature, or anything at all for that matter?

Heard the same…surprised the NBA wants to have such a big space

I heard NBA had a similar place somewhere else (near Universal maybe??) and it did not do well so Disney reconsidered. Not sure which rumors are true, but it’s looking like Disney Quest is staying for now.

A few months ago I heard the NBA deal fell through and DQ would be open for the time being.

Sounds like a plot to increase attendance at DQ lol.

@Outer1 that plot is doomed to fail…DQ is awful and Disney knows it…They aren’t going to invest a nickel in that place

Never been to DQ. Is it just a Disneyfied Dave & Busters?