Question on DHS touring

Fairly new here, so sorry if this has been discussed recently … I’m curious why the touring plan for DHS lists MFSR as the number 13 attraction to visit? That would likely be later in the afternoon. It would seem that attraction should be the first of the day … or is it anticipated that most everyone will do that ride first, with lines more manageable later? Wondering what the consensus of the experts here is. Thanks.

This ride can get a lot of people through it very quickly, unlike SDD / AS2 / RnR / ToT.

All of the TSL rides will get to 60+ minute waits very quickly in the morning. (often 80+)

MFSR has been operating with queue waits under an hour consistently since it opened.

So far folks have been heading to it first and it’s queues have been lower later in the day, letting you get in other rides while everyone is at MFSR. After they do Millennium they seem to be going to Slinky then to ToT and Rock n Roller. If you can’t FP to Slinky, seems a valid strategy to go there first and hold off on MFSR.

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Thanks much for the responses … this strategy seems really smart (to delay MFSR) sort of inverted logic but makes perfect sense.

What is the CL the day you are going? You want to make sure, if you plan on afternoon, that if they are boarding groups, you get that reserved before your plan has you actually going to SWGE.

Thanks for the advice … a couple things I’m not following (again, pretty new here) … what does CL mean? Also not sure about reserving “boarding groups” … how is that reserved prior to arriving at SWGE? If it helps, our family of 3 will be at DHS on Nov 28. Only ride operating will be MFSR. We are not really interested in the other “attractions” in SWGE, other than maybe taking in the sights.

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CL means crowd level. It is good to check the crowd level meter to gauge wait times

When crowd levels get large in SWGE, a virtual queue is being used that can be accessed via MDE. This will give you and your group a time to return to enter SWGE.

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Crowd level.

In SWGE, they can reach max capacity. Once they do, they give you a boarding group for later on. If, and you can check the app, they are doing boarding groups, you will want to get on the “list” prior to trying to get into SWGE.

Thanks much for the prompt and informative replies … this is truly a helpful community!