Question on DAS availability

Does DAS run out like LL or Genie+? Does it work on the same system for availability? I am considering getting Genie+ on top of our DAS but not sure it’s needed. I am planning on getting DAS before we arrive and using the pre-booking option for two rides each day (based on wait times from our TP). For day-of DAS passes we have to wait until we enter the park to make a reservation. Two days we plan to have a later entry around 10 am. Will all of the SDMT be sold out by then? Or is DAS always available (assuming the ride is open and the parks not closed).

@JustKeepSmiling might have a better answer for you but I have recent Disneyland experience. The DAS return time is based on the posted return time. So you could be waiting for a while if you get DAS for SDD and the posted wait is 90 minutes, but it doesn’t “sell out”. The preselected rides can sell out.

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DAS does not sell out like Genie. Once you enter the park you can request a return time for any ride with a standby line (which they all do right now). The return time will be the same as the current standby time. You can then return at that time or anytime thereafter. It does not have an expiration time however you can’t request another until you use that one.