Question grand villas and the "before times"

Hi All, I know that everything is different from what it was in the “before times”, but I’m curious about the extra fast passes that were available for guests who rented grand villas.

If someone bought points for a grand villa through an agency like the DVC rental store would they have been eligible for the extra fast passes? I know club level guests went through a concierge to book the extra fast passes, how did it work for DVC guests?

Yes you would qualify. DVC members had to contact Disney Signature Services who booked the fastpasses. That also applied to the club level DVC rooms at AKL and the CCV cabins and Poly bungalows.

Whereas CL guests at the regular resorts got a call from DSS to start the ball rolling.

Thank you, I knew someone on here would know. I wonder if many people did this and if it was difficult to coordinate.

I’m dreaming/planning a May 2022 stay and I’m compiling options that used to exist in case they exist again in the future.