Question for UK liners

In May 2013 we booked our trip for September 2014 through the UK Disney site with free dining etc.
I know they had the same offer in early 2014 for travels in 2015, and I am wondering if anyone knows when they have usually released this offer.
So far I this year I have only seen the “Get 4 nights free” offer, and I’m starting to worry that they will not have the same offer for our trip in 2016.
Any thoughts?

Not yet. Last years fd offer was released on April 24th for this year and wasn’t as good as previously. It was free standard dining plan with delux and free qs with mods.No room only discounts. Current uk deal ends March 31 so anytime after that hopefully.

Hmm… Do you remember if they had the 200$ giftcard for this year?
For us it was a great deal last time, with free dining, 2013-prices for our 2014 stay, the 14-day ticket for 7-day price, and the giftcard on top of that.
Was really hoping to see the same offer again for next trip.
I noticed that the current offer ends soon, so hopefully my wish will come true. :slight_smile:

Think it was $100 gift card last year and yes on the 14 for 7 day but the ticket prices for it are up to £285 for next year . Waiting patiently but we are going over Easter next year and that was excluded from last year’s offer. so prob offsite again. Also room prices seem higher than when I priced it last year.

Mousesavers has a page with the history of previous offers. Not sure whether they cover Brit-specific ones, but there’s other Brit-specific info, so it’s probably worth a look.

We booked last yr for this yr. DDP with deluxe resort $200 gift card. Was released around April. Think we booked in May. I’m pretty sure we had a room discount too actually.

Thanks guys!
I am excited to see what they will offer in April when the current one has expired. Really hoping for a similar one to yours @docmcstubbins !

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We got same as Doc McStubbins but the offers for OKW and SSR seemed to have a good room discount too. Ended up only a bit more than POR but with TS DDP as it is deluxe!

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