Question for the TA’s

Hello! I have a question for the TA’s.

How do you all feel about booking ILLS for clients at 7am on their park days? Assuming FPP bookings were usually part of the service a TA would offer, I’m wondering what TA’s thoughts are on this.

Thank you!

I’m not doing it.

Not all agents even did FPPs or ADRs. And not all clients want to grant MDE access to agents to do it for them.

But this thing is something I will leave entirely to my clients to manage themselves. It’s just way too complex.

I have and will continue to provide my clients with the information they need to use the products, but that’s as far as I will go.


Same as @OBNurseNH . I don’t mind FP’s at 60 days out, it’s no different than ADRs. But day of ILLs are not something I want to be responsible for. If a guest didn’t like the ADR or FP I pick, it can be cancelled for no charge. Paid ILLs are entering different. Not a liability I want.


Thank you both for your thoughts.

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Someone needs to start a service that will autopick your 7am LL selection for you off a script and I’ll pay you $1 for each choice so I can sleep an extra hour.