Question for the board about days in the park - re: Galaxy Edge

So I have 7 days in the parks. 2 for MK, 2 for EP, 2 for AK, and that leaves 1 for HS.

Nothing is set in stone yet as I have not gotten FP or anything yet. Due to the recent news that SWGE is opening August 29, does any liners think I should change it to 1 day at AK and 2 at HS or take 1 from EP and add 1 at HS, or leave as is? I’m thinking my kids didn’t like EP as much, so I’m thinking about doing away with 1 of those days, but that takes away from me eating around the world.


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The problem is that no one knows how they will manage this.

No FPs means the line moves quicker for the ride. It is, on paper, a way to give an equal chance of entry to the land to offsite and onsite guests. But will it? I don’t think it will.

Sounds like there could be daily EMH as the perk for onsite guests. Now if 10,000 onsite guests turn up for EMH, then some are still going to be waiting by the time the official park opening. That means anyone rope dropping could be joining a line of 3+ hours. That negates any pretence that the offsite guest has an equal shot at seeing SW:GE.

They will need to have a separate line for entry to the rest of DHS, for those with ADRs and FPs. If the park hits capacity, which it will, onsite guests will be in the last group, so have a better chance of getting in. GS are going to be handing out a lot of anytime FPs and redirecting people to the other parks.

Once people are in the land, they will likely do the ride first, then look around. But they can’t easily be turfed out. I assume you won’t be able to ride again without exiting the park and rejoining the back of the line. They will be hoping most guests spend maybe 30-60 minutes in the land after riding, other than those with an ADR. But some die hard fans will literally stay all day.

If you get into DHS I don’t see how they could let people “jump” the queue for SW:GE. So essentially your choice is:

  1. Join the line for Star Wars, preferably before EMH.
  2. Do the rest of the park.

You probably need to be arrive at least 2 hours before the EMH. You might then get into SW:GE and be able to see the rest of the park, but then you have the problem of what time to book FPs for the other stuff for. Plus the guests coming out of SW:GE could swell the numbers in the rest of the park to the point of capacity being exceeded. How are they going to track everyone? Send them out of the park and have to re-enter the non-SW park???

There are so many ways this could work, I just don’t see how people are going to plan. I can’t even fathom how Disney plan to work this. I have no idea why they have said WDW will not have a timed entry system, I would think that would be the way to go. A virtual queue effectively.


I enjoy doing EP over two days so those can be my slower paced, lesisurely, “it’s ok if I don’t make RD days.” So, I personally wouldn’t change that part of the plan. I think the easiest and most practical change is the one you suggested: Do one day at AK and two days at HS. I love AK; it might be my favorite park, but I do think that it can be done in one day.

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I would just ixnay HS, but that’s me.


I would get park hoppers, keep the plan as is, but have availability to be flexible if needed.

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I’ve felt DHS was a two day park BEFORE SWGE. Now I wonder if I will just hope for EMM @ DHS then hop elsewhere.

EP is no more than one day for my family, too.

So. I’m no help.


I love the idea of two days at AK. I need to think about that myself. :+1:


I am in the same bind. We also like to have two days for each MK, AK and EP and one for HWS. I think we will stick with the one day for HWS, because it is such an unknown at this point. We are SUPER excited about SW:GE, but not willing to give up days at the parks we love for unknown amount of waiting in line and battling crowds at HWS. I think we will just plan to wing it with HWS and see what we can fit in…if we can even get in the gates! Unless we add another day…

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