Question About TP Fax if Using a Travel Agent

We have our resort booked (POP) for October but today I contacted a travel agency and they are able to book a package at a Moderate for the same price I can book the package at POP.

We already have all our ADR’s and are getting ready to make our FP+ selections in a few days (TA said we could do this ourselves), however, I was told that they will have to make the room requests.

Can I still utilize the TP Fax? If so, do I just not make any room requests via the TA?

Any reason I shouldn’t use a TA at this point? What other things will the TA control that I may not have thought about?

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome deal! We’re booked at AoA in October, but I haven’t heard of any deals where we could upgrade to a Moderate at the same price.

I would think you would still be able to use the Fax feature, but I’m not sure. I am following this post to find out because we have also booked through a TA.

For our trip last December, we booked using a travel agent but still were able to use the FAX request with no issue. I wonder by “room request” if the TA is thinking “water view” vs. “garden view” type things or if they really mean “I’d like Room 8373 or one similar which is on the 3rd floor, etc.”?

For entertainment, it could be interesting to ask the TA why? Or what room request will the TA make?

Frankly, the TA works for you - there shouldn’t be a lot of restrictions on what you can do because of utilizing a TA. Maybe it varies on the TA, but we had no issues using one last trip for the first time and it was useful as she sent reminders of various things as we got close.

Have a good trip…

Sounds like the TA deal is worth pursuing from the cost savings and upgrade standpoint. I found out from the TA that we can use TP’s fax which is great. Other than that, it sounds like we will have control over everything else on our ressie.

Yah - I would definitely book with the TA and upgrade from a value to a moderate. Having booked all our prior trips myself, I didn’t find a downside to going with a TA on our last trip. Being able to dip into the discount pools on some room deals is a definite perk and having someone else there to answer questions or offer reminders is a good thing.

Which moderate are you hoping for?

Thanks for the reassurance! We have stayed at POR and CBR and enjoyed both. I would love to try Coronado but they are sold our for our dates. Not really sure which way to go. Suggestions?

Value we’ve only stayed Port Orleans French Quarter & Riverside. Really like French Quarter FWIW (might be my wife’s favorite over several Deluxes), although I’d recommend either. POFQ may still have quick service area under refurb since you’re going soon - although they said they’d have other options available so I’m not sure if it’s a huge deal or not. Easy access to the QS was a real nice feature there though…

I’d guess any of the Moderates you’d be fairly happy with at the same price as POP.

I like the idea of French Quarter because it is so much smaller than other resorts. I’m just worried about the buses. Were your wait times long? We love that POP only has the one stop so once you board, you’re on your way to the parks. CBR takes forever just to get off the property…Seriously considering POFQ now if they have availability. Thanks!

Overall I was fine with the FQ buses. Only downside is off peak hours they may do the loop from FQ to Riverside & catch all the Riverside stops. But…You’re first on before Riverside & first off. It can just be annoying if you’re headed to the parks at 2PM to do the entire loop to let 1 family on.

The compactness of FQ is very nice though. Nice pool & the boat to Disney Springs is fun if you head that way.

I booked through a travel agent last year as well as this year. They have to handle contacting Disney for you if you want certain room requests on your reservation. So, I asked my agent to request two specific buildings at the Polynesian. She had them noted on my reservation with Disney. I also did the TP fax both years and got my request both years. I saved a boatload of money and didn’t feel restricted at all with the TA - did my own ADR’s and FP’s. If you need Disney contacted about the reservation - like adding a person to the room or something - that’s when the TA has to do it. Most other things are no issue.

Thanks for your insight. I am pretty convinced we will use the TA; can’t beat the price and the extra perks!