Question about the website redesign

I looked through the thread on the dashboard redesign but it was incredibly long and got convoluted pretty fast. If I need to post this there instead though, let me know.

Am I missing something or can I no longer “select” which park I am visiting on a particular day and instead have to add a full touring plan? My planning process is: I figure out which parks I am going to visit on which days at a high level - I “select” those so as I look at the trip holistically I can see what I’ve already selected for the others days as I organize my thoughts and make sure I’ve got each park covered. THEN I go into the touring plan creation. I don’t want to start on a plan until I’ve got the days laid out at a high level. Was the park selection by date removed as I am not seeing it?

Secondly, I definitely preferred having the overview of the hours, crowds, checklist, and notes all in one place. Now I have to switch to a different tab to see any notes for that day but while viewing notes, I am not able to see the other details about the day. Does it look “cleaner”? Sure, but the functionality/usability is lowered with the updates from my perspective. Any thoughts here? Any chance of a future update remerging these back into a single view?

Last bit of feedback - Why does the dashboard default to opening the checklist? I’m far more interested in the page with the crowds and a link to any plans I’ve created for the day. It makes more sense (to me, anyway) to default to the Crowds tab and require clicking into the checklist if that is what someone is looking for.


There was some discussion about this one. I think they are looking at possibly changing that in some way. I don’t know where they landed.

On the App (versus the website) this is easy to do. But it seems there isn’t 100% consistency across interfaces yet. For example, I can add an ILLS for GOTG to a plan on the website, but not in the app. But in the app, it will show it is added. I have had to bounce around between the desktop site, mobile site, and app to find everything. Hopefully this all gets more solidified as they launch this and get feedback.

But to answer your specific question, I don’t see how to do it from the website…just the app. Maybe I am missing it.

Thanks for this, @kmsprincess

We’re going to add back to the dashboard the ability to select a park for a day and have it displayed there.

We’re also going to have the dashboard default to the crowd calendar view (over checklist) if for everyone for whom this isn’t their first-ever trip. (That is, we think first-timers would benefit from the checklist first, since they don’t know what they don’t know about trip planning. Everyone who’s been through this before probably wants the crowd calendar.)


Can we also bring back the hourly heatmap please? I really miss this!

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I’m leaving the door open for bringing back the heatmap. Behind the scenes we’ll need to figure out a way to display that data more efficiently.


Oh this makes me so happy! Crossing my fingers and toes!